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COVID-19 – Essential Services Designation

12:25 26 March in Imaging, Nuclear, Security

March 24th, 2020


To all Worldwide Security Ltd., and Worldwide Imaging and Detection Inc. customers,

As the Governments of Canada and Ontario continue to enact measures necessary for the preservation of public health, we are committed to diligently following these measures while maintaining operational capability for our clients, employees and stakeholders.

With respect to the recently mandated closures of all non-essential businesses by the Government of Ontario, Worldwide Security Ltd. and Worldwide Imaging and Detection Systems Inc. are identified as Essential Services.  As such, we are, and will remain fully operational, and have taken measures to mitigate any COVID-19 related risk.  

To this end:

·       We are minimizing personal contact by enabling remote-work wherever feasible.

·       We have advised our staff to maintain best health practices during, and outside of work hours to help maintain our response capability.

·       Our drivers, technicians and in-plant personnel have been issued with appropriate protective equipment.

·       We are in constant communication with, and are fully integrated with all our vendors and partners and foresee no significant interruption in our supply chain.

·       Our on-site support will be available to you as necessary to prevent any impact to your operations.  Please let us know if your company or site has special restrictions.

·       All regular communication methods are in place and operational. 

We are fully committed to doing our very best to ensure your ability to operate remains uncompromised as we navigate the impacts of COVID-19, together.  

Please, do not hesitate to contact our offices should have questions or concerns.

Robert Dyk 
Worldwide Security Ltd