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Worldwide Imaging & Detection Systems

Worldwide Imaging

Worldwide Imaging and Detection specializes in whole body imaging, metal detection, parcel x-ray technology, as well as x-ray and radiation surveying.

Our services include turnkey solutions, equipment supply, on-site maintenance, regulatory radiation surveying and leak inspections, and training.

We provide solutions to a variety of industries including 3PL distribution and warehousing, event security, government and law enforcement, and enterprise loss prevention.

Worldwide Imaging & Detection Systems
Whole Body Imaging

Completely private, passive, and stand-off, our whole body imaging and people screening solutions combine the need for employee privacy with advanced imaging technology, giving our customers not only an effective screening program, but most importantly, actionable intelligence for their loss prevention program.

Parcel Xray Inspection

Cost-effective checkpoint, baggage, and cargo x-ray inspection systems designed specifically to meet the stringent requirements of commercial loss prevention, mass transit, customs facilities, 3PL and commercial carriers, and parcel services.

Metal Detection

We offer a wide range of security metal detection products from the leading manufacturers in the industry. We have extensive experience in both stand-alone style deployments, as well as fully integrated turnkey solutions.

Radiation Inspection

Regulatory radiation surveying and leak inspections.

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